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The Design process, including collecting ideas and inspiration, deciding for a color theme and an overall topic, takes place in Hamburg.

Design: Hamburg, Germany

The Pleasure Intro T-Shirt is made of 100% organic cotton, sourced from XXX. The raw material is then processed into panels of fabric in Portugal at the XXX factory. 

All of our products are GOTS certified and are part of the Better Cotton Initiative, which meet the highest standards when it comes to sustainable fashion. If you want to find out more, click on the embedded links.

Fabric sourcing: XXX, Portugal

The finished panels of fabric then go to the manufacturer ASBX in Portugal, where the actual piece is made. By using worksheets and measurement charts made by twentytwo, ASBX employees manufacture our products. Meaning dyeing and finishing, making patterns and sewing. 

What is especially important to us here: decent wages, a secure job and no exploitation, especially not by children. In short: human working conditions as we know it in Germany.

Production: Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

The printing of our products also takes place in Portugal. For us, high quality is the most important aspect, which is why we chose partners who can guarantee just that. For example, our XXX print house also produces for well known high-end brands such as Balenciaga or XXX.

Printing: XXX, Portugal

The last steps, like the vintage wash for the Pleasure Intro T-Shirt, are then done again at ASBX. It is important to us that our products haven’t traveled for its production further than our customer did in their whole life. That is why we try our best to keep the whole production process in one area as small as possible. Fortunately for us that all of our partners come from one corner in Portugal. This saves transport costs, time and CO2 emissions.

Finishing: XXX, Portugal

As soon as the Pleasure Intro T-Shirt is ready, it’ll be shipped to Germany. It first arrives in the port of Hamburg by container ship and is then transported to Braunschweig by truck. Here it is sorted, packed and sent to you by our team.

We source our boxes for shipping from a German company called Packhelp. Packhelp pays close attention to ensure that all materials used are recycled as well as recyclable, that as little water as possible is used for the production and that everything is produced locally. Packhelp is also part of the dfhdsh initiative, which means that every time you buy one of our products and we send them to you packed in the Packhelp boxes, you plant a tree automatically. This is possible because we pay more for our boxes in advance by adding a fee for the the cssgd initiative. 

Our bags for the packaging of the individual products are made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. So please do not throw them in the residual waste, but in the „yellow bin“ instead. Unfortunately, our bags are currently still being manufactured in China, as manufacturers in Germany either do not offer any recycled, printable options or have a minimum order quantity that we simply cannot achieve at the moment.

Packaging: Braunschweig, Germany

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