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the brand

we believe that sustainability mustn’t be basic. 

and we believe that streetwear mustn’t be fast. 

so we took those two components and united them.

the result: 22 - streetwear but a bit less harmful for that precious world we live in.


but don’t get us wrong: 

we don’t claim that we know it all and we don’t claim that we are the embodiment of sustainability. but what we claim and what we promise is, that we do our best to perfect us and all of our processes to keep our negative impact on the environment as small as possible.


if you want to know more about what we do for our world, continue reading.



let’s get this straight: there is no such thing as sustainable fashion. fashion can never be sustainable. as soon as you buy something you don’t necessarily need, you don’t act sustainable any longer. but i really needed this pair of jeans. really? i don’t think any of us would die due to weather conditions when stopping to buy new clothes at this point.

clothes can’t be „new“ and „sustainable“ at the same time. yet the fashion industry is bombarding us with buzzwords such as „ethical“, „green“, „fair“ or „climate neutral“. well, what about new clothes made from recycled materials? put aside that this, in most cases (not our case though), is just greenwashing, while saying „new“ i’m not including such things as upcycling or recycled garments. 

„you cannot mass produce fashion or consume „sustainable“ (greta thunberg in vogue scandinavia). 

so what? we’re not allowed to buy anything new anymore? let’s be honest: that’s never going to happen. the society we grew up in let us forget how to live by only the essentials. sure there are some exceptions (like that well-known 18-year-old girl i just quoted). screw that, i’m not gonna live like her ?!!?! but the rest of us (including myself), with how the world is shaped today, i bet we don’t stay a chance.


so what we try to achieve here is to minimalize our footprint as much as we possibly can. we are far from perfect and even more far away from being sustainable. so while others claim to be „eco-friendly“, we claim to be less „eco-harmful“. by perfecting ourselves and all of our processes we want to keep our negative impact on the environment as small as possible. in fact:

we only use organic cotton 

we make sure that the employees in the factories get paid well and work in safe working conditions

we avoid polluting the world even more by producing new plastic for our use. instead, we rather use recycled plastic or new technologies such as biodegradable materials

we keep the global transport routes as short as possible by choosing our partners by their origin. because we don’t want our products to travel further than our customers ever did in their entire life


to assure that we’re not talking bullshit but do as we say, we aim to be as transparent as possible. we want you to know where your t-shirt, hoodie, or jeans came from, what they are made of, and who had their hands on developing the garment. this is why you can find an individual qr-code label in every product. scan this code and you’ll unlock some exclusive content about the product's journey. 

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